Day 21

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Thursday, November 10

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Day 20

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Tuesday, November 8

City Museum Field Trip Prep Day

  • Collect quotes and paraphrases from course readings
  • Research The City Museum
  • Storyboard/Thumbnail documentary

For Next Time

  • Field Trip: 2:00-5:00
  • Meet: TBD
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Podcast #3 The Design of Everyday Things

November 7, 2011 Leave a comment

In this Podcast I discuss Donald A. Norman’s book, The Design of Everyday Things. I talk about the “Paradox of Technology” and how individuals blame themselves when technology fails rather than the technology itself. I talk about these two concepts in the context of college students.

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The City Museum: contradicting mental models and changing affordances

November 6, 2011 1 comment

Creative Commons License Goodbye War, Hello Peace by teru is licensed under a Attribution Noncommercial (3.0).

In this podcast, I describe two concepts from Donald Norman’s book entitled The Design of Everyday Things. I discuss both affordances and mental models and provide a textual definition of these terms from Norman. I then go on to discuss how a place like the City Museum alters these concepts by using rhetoric to create and design new uses of these things. I discuss how that rhetorical design change alters the way people understand the things in the City Museum. I also describe the artist and genius behind the City Museum, Bob Cassilly. I provide an interview and audio clip from him and how he describes his use of everyday things in unique and bizarre ways that differ from the ways people normally use and interact with those things based upon their mental models and affordances. I discuss how things and technologies can become agents of rhetoric that invite us to interact and use them differently than we perhaps originally intended (based upon our mental models and affordances). I think this concept is exactly what occurs when people visit the City Museum, and I look forward to experiencing it next week!

Source for Bob Cassilly audio:

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November 4, 2011 1 comment

In this podcast, I discuss the poorly designed everyday objects that I have encountered as a babysitter. I believe that good design should be user-friendly and that there should be some standardization among objects. Stoves, remotes, doors, strollers, cribs,and faucets are just a few of the examples I use to demonstrate how the same object can be designed in different ways…some ways are better than others.

All sound effects are from GarageBand.

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Day 19

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Thursday, November 3

Rhetoric Q&A 2.0 Work Day

For Next Time

  • Podcasts: Finish The Design and Everyday Things and post podcast by Sunday, November 6. Select a key passage or even quote from the text and connect it to a course theme, course readings (What Technology Wants, Objectified, or Wall-E), or class discussion. You can also discuss the book relative to your expectations for our trip to The City Museum or your own experience with things. Again, I encourage you to explore the Podcast as medium: give it what it wants.
  • Comment on (at least one) Podcast
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Day 18

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Tuesday, November 1

The Design of Everyday Things discussion

For Next Time

Rhetoric Q&A 2.0 Work Day

  • Individual discussions of Rhetoric Q&A Essay Revision
  • Individual discussions of Rhetoric Q&A 2.0 Proposals
  • Storyboarding. Thumbnailing,  and Project Planning
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