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The Rhetoric of the City Museum

December 16, 2011 Leave a comment
This documentary was created by students in ENGL 302 New Media and Technical Writing at Saint Louis University. The film both documents the class’s trip to The City Museum in Saint Louis, MO, and explores the relationship between people and things, which it sees as rhetorical. The film explores elements of intentional design and those aspects of things that exceed a designer or maker’s intentions. Following work such as the journalist Kevin Kelly’s What Technology Wants and rhetoric scholars Jennifer Bay and Thomas Rickert’s Heideggerian treatment of new media technologies, the film, like the class, explores the possibility that things are their own rhetorical agents.

We worked with two Flip UltraHD video cameras, a Sony Cyber-shot digital camera, and iMovie in making this documentary.

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Day 26

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Thursday, December 1

  • Distance Enhancement Project Postmortem
  • Discussion of “New Media and the Fourfold”

For Next Time

  • Documentary Work
  • Status Check on 2.0 Projects

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