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In this podcast, I discuss the poorly designed everyday objects that I have encountered as a babysitter. I believe that good design should be user-friendly and that there should be some standardization among objects. Stoves, remotes, doors, strollers, cribs,and faucets are just a few of the examples I use to demonstrate how the same object can be designed in different ways…some ways are better than others.

All sound effects are from GarageBand.

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  1. khamil13
    November 6, 2011 at 11:38 PM

    I really like this podcast. I like how you narrowed down the expansive topic of “things” to just common things that you encounter while babysitting. I’m assuming since we are all girls in class (not being sexist, guys can make great babysitters too) that we have a common understanding of this activity. This fact allows your listeners to easily identify with your experiences by recalling and reflecting upon our own. I like that you used various scenarios to illustrate your point. The examples you provided both enhanced your argument and made it more concrete. You also provided several different examples rather than just one or two. It’s obvious that you are very frustrated with the various, faulty designs that you discuss, as you should be! I agree that a more consistent design for these common items would be beneficial to all who encounter them. Faulty designs are frustrating enough when you only have to worry about yourself. Yet, when children are involved, the problems are instantly magnified from the increased responsibility. Hopefully some designers of cribs, swings, faucets, window shades and stoves hear your podcast and take notes!

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