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Blog #3 What Technology Wants

I thought the chapter titled “Seeking Conviviality” was particularly interesting. In this chapter, Kelly discusses how we deal with technium. He begs the question if we have any freedom with all these different types of technology surrounding us. He explains that “the number of technologies to choose from so far exceeds our capacity to use them all that these day we define ourselves more by the technologies we don’t use than by those we do” (Kelly, 2010, p 239). I think this quote is interesting because often I feel overwhelmed by the number of technologies to choose from. We have so many choices of technologies to use that we now get categorized by the ones we don’t use. It was interesting how Kelly relates this concept to vegetarians. Individuals who are vegetarians frequently get more attention than those that are omnivores because they stray from the norm. This is just how an individual who for example refuses to use technology like a telephone or a computer gain more attention than those who do use these technologies. He furthers this thought by saying that “at a global scale, we opt out of more technology than we opt in to” (239). This is intriguing because I feel like I use so many different technologies everyday, but in the global scale, I hardly use any.

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