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What Technology Wants-Blog #3

Chapter eleven, Lessons of Amish Hackers, caught my attention because I honestly did not understand why we ridicule the Amish people because they lacked interest in technological advantages. Or vice versa, why Amish people feel that we are demonically possessed for using technology. It is not what the people want after all.

What does technology want? For starter, techniums want the attention, just as in nature the most poisonous plants possess sweet aromas and vivid colors. By proving technology to be beneficial for humans, we shall access these. Secondly, technium wants duration and breeding of its kind. By proving itself to be of good intentional, long use; humans will manufacture more techniums, the ‘breeding’ process will open opportunities for human talents to be revealed and extend life on the technium.

Kelly’s journey into the Amish community allowed him to conclude that the Old Order Amish people wanted contentment over all others, “fewer distraction, more satisfaction (229).” This contentment is of internal and communal aspect. This lead’s our author to a clear dilemma raised by the two culture, Amish and non-Amish. That “to maximize our own contentment, we seek the minimum amount of technology in our lives and yet to maximize the contentment of others, we must maximize the amount of technology in the world (238).”

Throughout “What Technology Wants”, he expresses the place value technology has in our lives. Technology is so intertwined with human nature and culture, that technology is a species in addition to evolution and is called technium. These ‘technium’ is indeed with us just as animals are occupying the world with us. Even though this new species emerge from the imagination of humans, due to a natural-selection type of process, technium took over and is now dominating us. Just as humans domesticated animals, technology is domesticating humans. How can something that is the product of the mind be enslaving of humans? Technology should have a limit and does what we program it to do. To each his own, technology by no means has limitations. It is contagious and is a revelation. Each technology is a parent of a new discovery and possibility. The other parent is human beings, greater technology will unleash human talents. The both of these are needed as humans continue to evolve according to ‘survival of the fittest’.

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