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New Media- Podcast 1

In this podcast, I choose Walter J. Ong’s article,“Writing is a Technology That Restructures Thought”. I feel Ong captures the essences of writing and proves that it is closely related to new media technology in today’s world.

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  1. September 22, 2011 at 3:20 AM

    Tuyet, I really enjoyed your podcast! The first thing that I really liked was the music, I liked how you introduced it and then played it in the background throughout the podcast. I also liked how you introduced your topic and what you were going to talk about, as well as interesting yourself. I think you spoke clearly and articulated well throughout your podcast. You explained the aspects of new media and Ong’s article. I liked how you spoke about how you thought Walter J. Ong would feel about media today and how people use it. The only thing I would maybe think about next time is maybe having a more smooth podcast, I felt like maybe there was a lot of cutting and pasting, but it wasn’t too obvious. Plus it’s our first podcast.

    Again, I really enjoyed reading your podcast and I felt like the music really gave me a calm sense of being and helped me focus on what you were saying!

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