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Podcast 1

In this podcast, I review the article “The Technical Communicator as an Author; Meaning, power, authority.” by Slack et al. In this podcast I talk about the three views of communication and how rhetoric and new media are connected to them. I also talk about how authorship is a weird concept in Technical Communication and how technical communicators are authors of new media, even though they are not given credit.

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  1. September 22, 2011 at 2:33 AM

    Kate, I really enjoyed your podcast! It was clear and easy to hear. You articulated your message well and there were no distracting background noises. Your voice was steady and it seemed like you practiced before you recorded your message. You took appropriate breaks while delivering your message which helped me to have a second to process what you stated. Maybe next time, add some music to add a little flair to your podcast.

    I thought your explanation of the article by Slack et al was very well presented. I liked how you explained each model or rather view of the process of communication. You also did a nice job of explaining the technical communicator’s job in the three different models. I thought the way your described the difference in the control between new and old media was helpful. I definitely agree that control in newer media is much faster because of all the new technologies.

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