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Generative Work of Rhetoric and Language – Blog #2


After reading Ong’s, “Writing is a Technology That Restructures Thought” and Slacker, Miller, and Doak’s, “The Technical Communicator as Author: Meaning, Power, Authority”. I had a deeper understanding of the need, cause, and effect of writings and specifically, the creator of such invention, the author. It makes sense that by writing down a thought, many other people are able to study your thoughts and make comments on it, which consequently allow more ideas to emerge. This is obviously more convenient in the long term as we can see in the result of Plato’s written thoughts and dialogue. We don’t give writing its technology credit, as Ong points out, “we have interiorized the technology of writing so deeply that without tremendous effort we cannot separate it from ourselves or even recognize its presence and influence (24)”.

Writing is the offspring of rhetoric and language. Rhetoric and language supports each other, without one, the other is meaningless. With that being said, when compiling a message through writing, who, then, gives meaning to the message… the author? While authorship holds power to some degree, the transmission, translation, and articulation view of communication between sender, receiver, and mediator influence the plethora of meanings. Rhetoric and language, with the addition of writing, is now a three-legged stool in which knowledge can be accessed. The “writing” leg can be replaced with much more technology as time progress. Rhetoric and language generates meaning through vast forms of communication. Power is not limited to the author and is even necessary to encourage it to expand beyond.


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